Salomon Store Nanjing Bailian - Outlet

Salomon Store Nanjing Bailian  - Outlet

Salomon Store Nanjing Bailian - Outlet

99 Shengtang Rd
Nanjing, 25000

Open today: 10:00-20:30
Brand Store

Store Hours

Wednesday 10:00-20:30
Thursday 10:00-20:30
Friday 10:00-20:30
Saturday 9:30-20:30
Sunday 9:30-20:30
Monday 10:00-20:30
Tuesday 10:00-20:30

Salomon Store Nanjin Bailian - Outlet

Discover our Salomon Stores

Come visit one of our Salomon stores where you are guaranteed to find the latest and exclusive range of products.

Dedicated experts will inspire and advise you on your purchase and the pursuit of your passion. Salomon stores are not only about selling sports equipment; we aim to create a community of passionate players by organizing events, demos, and providing the most advanced technology and services.

Don't wait any longer. It's Time to Play.


Salomon Store Suzhou Sogo - Outlet

Salomon Store Suzhou Sogo - Outlet

268 Wangdun Rd
Suzhou, 215123
188.8 km
Salomon Store Suzhou Stage - Outlet

Salomon Store Suzhou Stage - Outlet

9 Houdai Rd
Suzhou, 215000
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Salomon Store Hangzhou Kerrycenter

Salomon Store Hangzhou Kerrycenter

385 Yanan Rd
Hangzhou, Zhejiang 310003
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Salomon Store Hangzhou Tower

Salomon Store Hangzhou Tower

1 Wuling Plaza
Hangzhou, 310000
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Salomon Store Shanghai Mega Mills - Outlet

Salomon Store Shanghai Mega Mills - Outlet

5999 Middle Jiasong Rd
Shanghai, 201700
269.6 km
Salomon Store Shanghai Infinitus Hubindao

Salomon Store Shanghai Infinitus Hubindao

168 Hubin Rd
Shanghai, 200000
269.6 km
Salomon Store Shanghai Daning Centeral

Salomon Store Shanghai Daning Centeral

777 Wanrong Rd
Shanghai, Zhabei 200072
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Salomon Store Ningbo Sanjin - Outlet

Salomon Store Ningbo Sanjin - Outlet

555 Middle Jiasong Rd
Shanghai, 215000
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Salomon Store Shanghai Kerry Parkside

Salomon Store Shanghai Kerry Parkside

1155 Fangdian Rd
Pudong Xinqu, Shanghai Shi 201204
270.2 km
Salomon Factory Outlet Shanghai Village

Salomon Factory Outlet Shanghai Village

88 E Shendi Rd
Shanghai, 200120
270.2 km
Salomon Store Shanghai New World - Outlet

Salomon Store Shanghai New World - Outlet

2-68 West Nanjing Rd
Shanghai, 200000
270.4 km
Salomon Store Novosibirsk

Salomon Store Novosibirsk

Mega Mall, Kirovskiy region, Vatutina street, 107, premise 1118
Novosibirsk, Новосибирская обл. 630024
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3,781.7 km
Salomon Store Omsk

Salomon Store Omsk

Mega Mall, Bulvar Arkhitektorov, 35, premise 6010
Omsk, Omskaya oblast' 644074
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4,352.1 km
Salomon Store Yekaterinburg

Salomon Store Yekaterinburg 

Yekaterinburg, Grinvich Shopping Mall, 8th March street, 46, premise С29
Yekaterinburg, Sverdlovskaya oblast' 620014
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5,168.2 km
Salomon Factory Outlet Moscow (Belaya Dacha)

Salomon Factory Outlet Moscow (Belaya Dacha)

Kotelniki, Novoryazanskoe shosse, 8, bld 6, Outlet Village Belaya Dacha
Moscow (Belaya Dacha), 140006
6,569.1 km
Salomon Factory Outlet Moscow (Sokolniki)

Salomon Factory Outlet Moscow (Sokolniki)

Sokolnicheskaya square, 9, Zenit Mall, 2 floor
Moskva, 107014
6,578.6 km


Ленинградский проспект, 36 , ВТБ Арена Плаза
Moskva, 125167
6,585.9 km
Salomon Factory Outlet Moscow (Vnukovo)

Salomon Factory Outlet Moscow (Vnukovo)

деревня Лапшинка, владение 8
Moscow (Vnukovo), Moskovskaya oblast' 142782
6,607.3 km
Rukakeskus Oy

Rukakeskus Oy

Rukatunturintie 9
Kuusamo, 93830
6,762.3 km
Salomon Factory Outlet Saint-Petersburg

Salomon Factory Outlet Saint-Petersburg

Vasi Alekseeva, 6, 2nd floor (Rumba shopping mall)
Saint-Petersburg, 198188
6,889.6 km